Learn About Key Holding and Instant Alarm Response

Key Holding

Keyholding provides a reliable safeguard to your premises – allowing you the peace of mind that, no matter the time or day, an experienced security professional will be on hand to swiftly respond and attend to any potential issues.  Their responsibility lies in ensuring both instant action and long-term protection against intruders or false alarms at all times.  

Instant Alarm Response

Instant alarm response is a security service that answers your security alarm when activated. The guard patrolling around that area goes to the targeted location and immediately takes action to alleviate the circumstances. This immediate action can significantly lessen the chances of probable break-ins. 

Benefits of our Services

SIA Approved Key Guards

We offer highly qualified personnel that hold SIA-approved licenses. These officials remain at your disposal 24/7.

Deter Crimes

Our visible alarm makes your business a much more difficult target for burglars. We provide an immediate alarm response in an emergency.  

Mobile Response Report

Our clients stay up-to-date with the latest developments in their mobile campaigns, thanks to our detailed response reports – available instantly or conveniently via our client portal.  

Bespoke Security Package

Kingwood Services provide custom-made security packages, designed to meet the distinct requirements of each client. You can make sure that your safety is always a top priority.  

Need for Key Holding Service

24/7 security monitoring can be a daunting and potentially dangerous task – any slip-up, no matter how slight, could create an opening for unwanted intruders. Hiring a professional keyholding service like Kingwood Services is the most reliable way to ensure your premises are properly protected round-the-clock.  

Practical support

Reduced Insurance Premiums

Protect all your employees from possible dangers

Experienced and trained professionals handle all security-related tasks

Instant Alarm Response

Kingwood Services provides more than peace of mind – it offers a lifeline for your property. Our alarm response services guarantee that no matter the time, experienced security professionals are available to protect and respond to any potential threats around the clock.  

Ensure all Alarms are Investigated

Leave Security to the Professionals

Affordable Option

Peace of Mind

We’re here to make your decision easier with our quick and convenient assistance

Store a Key Off-Site with Us

We assure your property’s security by safely storing a copy of your key in our secure facility for either key holding. Rest assured knowing that you have the best protection available.

Always Have Entry to Your Property

With our inclusive key holding service, you can rest assured that your property is always secure. Our convenient key replacement system means interrupted access to a lost or stolen key won’t be an issue.

Round the Clock Protection

Enjoy round-the-clock peace of mind with our 24/7 access to your property. Our security patrols, emergency response services, and out-of-hours work ensure that you can maintain the highest level of safety for your business at all times.

Confirm All Alarms Are Inspected

Our comprehensive alarm response service is staffed by SIA-licensed officers, safeguarding your premises against any potential criminal activity. Be sure – we’ll handle every activation with the utmost professionalism and vigilance.

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