Providing a professional approach to protection through our SIA-licensed and experienced security guards.  

Being alert for you always 

Kingwood Services is the best-in-class provider of manned security. No matter the nature and scale of your project, we have exactly what you need. Whether for large companies or individuals looking for a reliable source for their most crucial security needs, we stand tall as your go-to partner in providing manned guarding.  

Our Expertise

Access Control

We ensure that only authorized personnel can enter a particular area. This is done through a variety of methods, such as security checkpoints, turnstiles, or electronic key cards. Access control helps prevent theft, vandalism, or other crimes.  

Emergency Response

Our manned guarding services ensure the presence of security guards on-site at all times, having an emergency response plan in place, or having a direct line to the police or other emergency services. A quick and effective response can help to minimize the damage caused by an incident.


Our team of experts deter crimes and identify potential threats through surveillance. We keep monitoring a particular area for any suspicious activity through a variety of methods, such as CCTV cameras, security guards, or alarm systems.   

Customized Security

Kingwood Services expertly crafts security solutions tailored to each client’s unique needs. Our experienced professionals are dedicated to keeping people, property, and assets safe while providing the highest level of customer service available.

You’re in good hands with us

Kingwood Services is renowned for providing top-notch manned guarding services across the UK. Our experienced team offers the utmost professionalism, exceptional customer service, and comprehensive security solutions that ensure your premises are always well protected. 

Vetted Security Personnel

Round-the-clock Security

Tailored Security Solutions

Proven Visual Deterrent

Immaculate Customer Service 

Safety, security, peace of mind that’s what we do best

Exceeding Expectations by

Detecting Suspicious Activities

Our highly qualified guards can detect a range of suspicious activities, allowing them to take proactive steps toward protecting public safety.  

Quick Response Time

We guarantee the safety you deserve by prioritizing speed and efficiency to ensure rapid responses in case of emergencies.  

Minimizing Damages

Kingwood Services swiftly responds to property damage, providing clients with fast and efficient solutions for issues that can arise.  

24/7 Protection

Providing the ultimate security with our round-the-clock protection services. Enjoy ultimate vigilance, safeguarding your home or business.

Mitigating Risks

We have been actively working to mitigate various risks, paving the way for a secure and more reliable future.  

Peace of Mind

Kingwood Services offers a whole level of peace of mind. Now, you can rest assured that your needs are fully taken care of.  

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