Our security service is second to none

Kingwood Services is your reliable partner for top-notch retail security. Our team of SIA-licensed professionals is ready to respond quickly and effectively to any potential threats, ensuring the safety of your assets, time, and money at retail stores, shopping malls, restaurants, and cafes. We understand that prevention beats reaction – so our teams work hard each day to minimize losses caused by shoplifting or theft while providing a pleasant shopping experience for all customers.

We differ from
other security companies

Affordable Prices

We offer our clients an incredible value that won’t break the bank – jump on board our unbeatable deals today.

Rapid Response Rate

Our retail security guards guarantee lightning-fast response times, keeping your store and customers safe.

Customer Service

Clients of Kingwood Services get that unbeatable and unmatched customer service experience they deserve.

Competent Security Guards

We have a top-tier security team ensuring safety for everyone. Our guards are highly reliable, so you’re in capable hands.

Absolute Commitment

We pledge to go all-in for our clients, putting their needs above everything else. We ensure that you get the best results possible.

Keeping your space safe

At Kingwood Services, we offer the highest level of retail security management in the following aspects:

Our customers experience a professional and warm welcome.

We ensure a customer-friendly and safe environment.

Systematic patrolling of premises

Inspections of equipment and buildings

Regular surveillance monitoring

Quick alert to management in case of any potential threat

all while delivering excellent customer service alongside effective risk management strategies.

Benefits offered by Kingwood Services

Safe Environment

Retail security helps to create a safe and secure environment for customers, ensuring that shoplifting or other disruptive activities don’t ruin anyone’s day.

Peace of Mind

With our support, you’ll be able to navigate through any crisis with ease. Get the peace of mind that comes from knowing your disruptions will be kept to a minimum.

Comfortable Experience

Allow us to provide you with the serenity that comes from a safe and relaxed shopping experience. Shop today knowing we’ve got your back.

Reliability and Trust

Our retail security services can help make your business the go-to destination for customers who value friendliness and trust. Give yourself an edge in today’s competitive market.

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